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"Welcome Home!" These were among the words shared by Dean of Students, Dr. Rodney Bennett, during Mu's chapter house groundbreaking on October 21, 2008. More specifically to each of you, welcome back to River Road!

Among the roughly 150 attendees at the Greek Park groundbreaking event, approximately 120 were Sigma Nu Actives and Alumni. A special thanks to the more than 35 Alumni (including Sigma Nu Regent Joe Gilman) who traveled to Athens from all parts of the Southeast. It was an impressive showing of attendees.

Of particular interest, Dr. Verner Chaffin (M 621) attended the recent groundbreaking ceremony as a follow up to his attendance at Mu Chapter's original groundbreaking on River Road in the Winter of 1940. Additionally, Dr. Chaffin was kind to share several meaningful comments to the group, especially including words of thanks and encouragement to the Active Chapter. Thank you, Dr. Chaffin, for your seventy plus years of leadership, involvement and service! 

Many Mu stakeholders may ask how this successful outcome came to fruition. While the specifics are too many to detail within this summary, our gratitude may first be granted to the following:

Leadership from Mu's Active Chapter: Since the revitalization began less than four years ago, Mu's initiates have supported this return to River Road with their vision and courage. Unlike most Alumni receiving this newsletter, these young men each joined the Fraternity prior to any certainty regarding the housing situation. Their focus on leadership development, building a strong reputation, and ensuring a strong Brotherhood has secured Mu's prominence at UGA. These Active Brothers remind all Alumni that our Fraternity is much more than a house, and to them we are grateful.

Leadership from Mu's Alumni: The support of our Alumni base during the revitalization effort has been superb. Momentum has continued to build during the past four years, and we are now at a point where Alumni enthusiasm is at a high. Thanks to each Alumnus who got involved, wrote letters of encouragement and made phone calls to UGA, and supported the Active Chapter's efforts with your time. Further, Alumni donated over $40,000 during the revitalization effort. Every time and monetary investment made a meaningful difference in the outcome. These Alumni Brothers remind all of us that Brotherhood is for Life.

Leadership from Mu's House Corporation: At the risk of excluding others, it is important to acknowledge the steady hand of leadership by Dick Craft (M 1344), Gerry Whitworth (M1492), Robert Durham (M 1650), Alan Brown (M 1789). The complexities of dealing with the housing situation, Athens-Clarke County, and UGA over the past 10+ years cannot be understated. These Brothers have given selflessly of their time, were occasionally questioned, but were always focused on what was best for our Chapter. On behalf of each Mu Brother, I thank you for your leadership, and your honorable and truthful service.

What's next? Mu has secured a 30 year lease with an option for an additional 30 years thereafter. The House Corporation and a committee made up of Active Chapter Members are working quickly with the University Architects to finalize the design details of our 20 Bed House. We are encouraged by their willingness to consider our differentiated design ideas. Many questions may be answered via Mu's website at www.ugasigmanu.com, or feel free to call me, John Hearn, at 404-683-1036 or Michael Barry at 404-434-0604.

Upon completion of our discussions with the Architects, we will have a more informed idea of the costs involved with our design recommendations. Please continue to give consideration to the donation you will make over the coming months to help ensure the "Mother Mu" chapter home returns to her former glory. Your contribution will make a lasting difference to many future generations of Sigma Nus and will ensure that they enjoy the same friendships, opportunities, lessons in leadership and outstanding memories as we all hold so dear.

Mu Chapter's beginning 135 years ago supports our position as Sigma Nu's longest continuously active chapter in the country. This fact, coupled with the tremendous rebirth created by our current Active Chapter, provides a strong foundation for our future. Thanks to each of you for continuing to watch well over our momentum and legacy.


John A. Hearn (M 2000), House Corporation President

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